Fixing some blank posts

My blog has been through a lot. At some point I may try and make a coherent timeline, if only for my own benefit.

Content has been migrated from platform to platform, and format to format. Some of it got broken along the way. This resulted in some of the posts just being blank. I finally went back and found them all and manually reinstated the content.

I doubt this will be of any interest to anyone except me or people who know me, but it may be nostalgic for anyone else who was doing web development in 2005.

Personally, my writing style from back then makes me uncomfortable, and it is not helped by the fact I’ve left some of my spelling errors intact.

Date Post
2005-04-14 It’s-a me!
2005-04-15 Reborn progress
2005-04-19 Exams soon…
2005-04-22 Should Galaxia use Ajax?
2005-04-22 Upcoming features for XHTML friends
2005-04-25 Silly .htaccess
2005-04-28 Agregating me in XHTML Friends
2005-05-08 Objects
2005-05-09 XHTML Friends is now about people
2005-05-09 Things you notice
2005-05-25 Gary Lineker in bad taste?
2005-05-18 Odd PHP problem
2005-06-05 Proof of the existence of Albinaaaaaaaghs
2006-05-05 Explaining the Matrix