Gary Lineker in bad taste?

Firstly, I think the flurry of people reading this from XHTML Friends has calmed down so I’m more confident in posting complete crap now :)

I was watching They Think it’s All Over on UKGold last night when Gary Lineker of all people came up with a nasty joke, outdoing even Rory.

In the round they had to identify which of a series of grunts came from Monica Seles:

Guest: “Are these grunts from when they were playing tennis?” Rory “When else do women grunt?” Gary “Well, when they get stabbed…”

Just to bring the tone down even further, you keep wine in wine cellars, beer in beer cellars and knives in…

I apologise to Monica Seles for any offence cause and will remove the above post if she asks personally. :P