Dancing with Stars like Stacy Keibler

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Interesting crossover - female wrestler Stacy Keibler is apparently doing well on Dancing with Stars, the American version of Strictly Come Dancing.

Dum di dum...

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It’s now been a week (well in 5 hours it will be) since I saw Julia. After we spent 4 weeks and a day almost never apart (not including my occasional trip to Pizza Hut). The worst part is being unable to contact her.

Someone once said I didn’t mention Julia enough on here…

Well I’m really not sure what else to say :oP

Galaxia Reborn is coming along well. It displays the same in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The reason I keep posting updates about Galaxia here by the way is so at some point I can tell Galaxia players that this exists and then they’ll read it to stay updated.

Team practice could have gone better...

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Firstly, http://www.blogwise.com now links to me. Which is cool.

Hanna and myself had out first falling out of sorts yesterday. Which is good since that is less than most couples. Bad since it is exactly a week before IVDC. At first she was annoyed that we kept colliding with people, which is sensible enough. Except she strongly opposes any possible changes the routine I suggest that I could use to get out of other couples’ ways. She also thinks I should have more stamina in Quickstep. Sensible again but by this stage I thought being pragmatic would be best and me developing more stamina is at least as unlikely her being able follow changes I make to the routine to avoid people.

Not a happy note to start with really but since I’m very unlikely to tell her this (pointing out why things won’t change seems less than constructive) at least I get to vent my frustrations somehow.

I will see Julia in 4 nights and I will talk to her today. Much more cheerful thought :oD Unfortunately articulating unpleasant feeling is always easy and therefore ends up taking more space in any sort of diary… Well at least with me.

What they want me to do...

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I finally have to actually write some software for the IVDA technical committee. And get it done for Tuesday.

They need a nice web based app that will go through all the photos in a folder, let the user crop the photo to a specific aspect ratio and then move the photo into another folder depending on whether it is portrait or landscape.

Then they need another app that goes through all the photos and lets you assign a number (the couple number) to them. And for ones that don’t have a number it needs to read an XML file to get the list of all couples on the floor at the time and then display picutres of those that we have pictures for, so you can guess who it is.

The practical upshot of which is that everyone will be able to see the results at the IVDC.

On the subject the IVDC, they want me to get in as soon as I get there to helplay their network cables. And then arrive the following morning to help set up. And after all that I have to dance too!!

SUDC was fun :o)

Oliver Brown
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Well mixed results for SUDC (in general in fact, not just us).

We got knocked out of Intermediate Ballroom which was largely due to me getting too nervous and forgetting stuff. Although I actually enjoyed the Viennese Waltz.

As a major shock we got through to the second round of the Novice Latin. Hanna’s slight costume problems may have helped though. The straps over her shoulders wouldn’t stay up so it looked like her dress was about to fall down (which it was never in danger of doing).

And then I ended up actually being part of the Offbeat team. Like everyone else on the dance team (which we found out an hour earlier). The whole routine was basically formed on the day and we actually beat Cambridge with it (who spent an hour every Tuesday since October working on it).

The party on the coach wasn’t as good. There were too many sleeping people interspersed. Plus Simon was more interested in Deepti than anyone else (although considering things I now know…). John brought Absinthe but didn’t actually drink any. And I found out that I probably was sillier than I realised on the coach last time and Florence was just really polite.Esther is just honest.

Last day of February. Therefore there is only 10 nights to go!

I may go to Pizza Hut. I got another sale so 1/5th of it is paid for.

I joined BidVertiser, BPath’s attempt to compete with AdWords. I’m not quite sure whether I can put Google Adsense ads and BidVertiser ads on the same page though… (Google disallows Adsense code from being placed on pages with other content targeted ads or ads that mimic Adsense.

PR2 PR2 Yippee

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For some reason I have a PageRank of 2. God knows how. I can’t even find a link here in Google.

Odd coincidence. Or perhaps not, perhaps it’s planned. One of the ads is in English but pointing to a Finnish domain.

My paragraphs are getting shorter.

Oooh, ooh, ooh, SUDC on Sunday. For those not in the know, SUDC is the Southern Universities Dancesport Championships. Everyone calls it SUDA though (Southern Universities Dancesport Association is the group that run the comp; it’s easier to say). We (Hanna and myself) are dancing in the Team Match for IC (probably C-team Waltz), Intermediate Ballroom (Waltz, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz) and Novice Latin (Cha cha cha and Jive). By the way our Latin officially sucks. But it’s Novice so who cares. I would have preferred to enter Intermediate just so I could dance Paso Doble but we didn’t have time to get the three routines we needed.

Speaking of which (well not really but I’m trying to pretend this has structure), the London Ball is a wonderful excuse to try and show Julia more dancing :) Maybe she could dance with Marcus…

Bob's Markup Language

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🎵 Not Gonna Get Us

I’m currently on LiveJournal’s website (obviously) and I noticed the pages are BML pages. I’m sure I read somewhere on the site what BML was but the first thing I thought just now was “Bob’s Markup Language”. Oh well.

What you just read, or about to read, or may well ignore is the first chapter of a story of mine I might just finish eventually.

I just added this website (http://www.oliverbrown.me.uk) to my UDS (http://www.universitydancesport.com) profile. They have a PR5 domain and they have the damn thing frame their website. They really need to sort it. But of course since Caroline is in control it won’t happen. I’m thinking of proposing the website is added to the IVDA constitution. Probably not good to complain now there is a chance of someone from over there reading this. On the other hand how bad would it be to piss people off? They can’t do anything anymore (although I’m not sure what John’s would be to negativity about Caroline).

This is babbling I know. But it’s therapeutic I told you.

I need to add fake tan.

I wonder what Julia will think of fake tan. Does she know it smells? Not badly or strongly, just persistently.