Importing old posts from LiveJournal

Before I hosted my own content in various forms, I maintained a LiveJournal which is still available at (although I warn you, when I looked at it today it was full of Russian Bitcoin related ads).

I have finally imported the missing posts from this.

There weren’t many so I just did it manually. I even went to the effort of updating my theme to include “mood” and “music” in my post front matter and it add it to theme (these were very important to LiveJournal back in the day).

The posts are all part of the normal flow (and currently start around page 56). There is a bit of duplicated content as I posted some content to both places for a few days. Either way, the imported content is available in isolation in the LiveJournal section.

One interesting consequence is I have changed the copyright start year for the blog from “2005” to 2004".