Migrated another site from WordPress to Hugo and Azure Static Web Apps

Some time ago I migrated my blog from WordPress (hosted on WordPress.com) to Hugo (hosted on Azure Static Web Apps). Over the past week I did the same for my wife’s blog.

The process went well. The Hugo site has pretty good docs for migrating to Hugo from various other platforms. The exact steps I took were:

  1. Export content from Wordpress.
  2. Generate Hugo content from the export using blog2md.
  3. Upload to GitHub.
  4. Create an Azure Static Web app (which as detailed before creates a build pipeline and deploys to an autogenerated Azure domain).
  5. Browse the site and fix any broken content.
  6. Add any custom functionality desired to the theme files.
  7. Update the domain to point at the Azure instance.

The new blog is available at www.luliriisi.me.uk (the original is still available at luliriisi.wordpress.com).

Sharing themes

That “custom functionality” is of course optional, and a potential rabbit hole depending on your exact needs. In the case of my wife’s blog, because she is a hand-knitting pattern designer I added some templating for sharing her patterns easily.

And, because the core theme is shared with this blog (and Games with Gravitas), that functionality is also available here - which is why I can easily add one of her patterns to this post.