Almost everything in Galaxia is an object. In hindsight this was a bad choice of name (from a programming standpoint I have objects of type Object), but I’m basically stuck with it. And I still can’t think of a better name.

The most interesting type of objects in the game will be vessels. The reason I chose vessel over ship is because not all vessels will actually be ships. Space stations for instance will be vessels that don’t have engines.

Vessels will have components and the components will add most of the functionality. I can’t tell you exactly what these will be or how they will work since this is the next big feature I need to implement. But basically, each component will allow a vessel to be given certain orders. For example engines allows a vessel to move somewhere, guns allow it to fire on other vessels.

The exact makeup of each vessel can be chosen when you build it. This also answers a question that has been causing me problems ever since the original Galaxia: “Why build multiple shipyards?” Well building some of the more exotic components will require some extra facility (Widget Factory for instance) therefore it would be better not to build one with every shipyard (you won’t have room anyway).