What is the shortest Star Trek episode title?

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After starting my previous post with this question but not answering it, I’ll get straight to the point. There is a tie for first place, with two episode titles that are two characters long:

Shortest episode titles

Title Length Series Episode
Q2 2 letters Voyager 7x19
2 letters Enterprise 3x21

The shortest title per series is:

Title Length Series Episode
Miri 4 letters The Original Series 1x11
Bem 3 letters The Animated Series 2x02
Qpid 4 letters The Next Generation 4x20
Dax 3 letters Deep Space Nine 1x08
Q2 2 letters Voyager 7x19
2 letters Enterprise 3x21

Every series has several single word episode titles.

See them all
Title Length Series Episode
Miri 4 letters TOS 1x11
Arena 5 letters TOS 1x19
Catspaw 7 letters TOS 1x01
Metamorphosis 13 letters TOS 1x02
Obsession 9 letters TOS 2x18
Yesteryear 10 letters TAS 1x02
Bem 3 letters TAS 2x02
Albatross 9 letters TAS 2x04
Haven 5 letters TNG 1x05
Justice 7 letters TNG 1x09
Battle 6 letters TNG 1x10
Datalore 8 letters TNG 1x14
11001001 8 letters TNG 1x16
Symbiosis 9 letters TNG 1x22
Conspiracy 10 letters TNG 1x25
Contagion 9 letters TNG 2x11
Manhunt 7 letters TNG 2x19
Evolution 9 letters TNG 3x01
Allegiance 10 letters TNG 3x18
Sarek 5 letters TNG 3x23
Transfigurations 16 letters TNG 3x25
Family 6 letters TNG 4x02
Brothers 8 letters TNG 4x03
Legacy 6 letters TNG 4x06
Reunion 7 letters TNG 4x07
Clues 5 letters TNG 4x14
Qpid 4 letters TNG 4x20
Redemption 10 letters TNG 4x26
Darmok 6 letters TNG 5x02
Disaster 8 letters TNG 5x05
Unification 11 letters TNG 5x07
Violations 10 letters TNG 5x12
Conundrum 9 letters TNG 5x14
Ethics 6 letters TNG 5x16
Relics 6 letters TNG 6x04
Schisms 7 letters TNG 6x05
Rascals 7 letters TNG 6x07
Aquiel 6 letters TNG 6x13
Tapestry 8 letters TNG 6x15
Birthright 10 letters TNG 6x16
Lessons 7 letters TNG 6x19
Suspicions 10 letters TNG 6x22
Timescape 9 letters TNG 6x25
Descent 7 letters TNG 6x26
Liaisons 8 letters TNG 7x02
Interface 9 letters TNG 7x03
Gambit 6 letters TNG 7x04
Phantasms 9 letters TNG 7x06
Attached 8 letters TNG 7x08
Inheritance 11 letters TNG 7x10
Parallels 9 letters TNG 7x11
Homeward 8 letters TNG 7x13
Masks 5 letters TNG 7x17
Genesis 7 letters TNG 7x19
Firstborn 9 letters TNG 7x21
Bloodlines 10 letters TNG 7x22
Emergence 9 letters TNG 7x23
Emissary 8 letters DS9 1x01
Babel 5 letters DS9 1x05
Q-Less 6 letters DS9 1x07
Dax 3 letters DS9 1x08
Vortex 6 letters DS9 1x12
Storyteller 11 letters DS9 1x14
Progress 8 letters DS9 1x15
Forsaken 8 letters DS9 1x17
Duet 4 letters DS9 1x19
Cardassians 11 letters DS9 2x05
Melora 6 letters DS9 2x06
Sanctuary 9 letters DS9 2x10
Rivals 6 letters DS9 2x11
Whispers 8 letters DS9 2x13
Paradise 8 letters DS9 2x14
Shadowplay 10 letters DS9 2x15
Crossover 9 letters DS9 2x23
Tribunal 8 letters DS9 2x25
Equilibrium 11 letters DS9 3x04
Meridian 8 letters DS9 3x08
Defiant 7 letters DS9 3x09
Fascination 11 letters DS9 3x10
Destiny 7 letters DS9 3x15
Visionary 9 letters DS9 3x17
Explorers 9 letters DS9 3x22
Shakaar 7 letters DS9 3x24
Facets 6 letters DS9 3x25
Indiscretion 12 letters DS9 4x05
Rejoined 8 letters DS9 4x06
Homefront 9 letters DS9 4x11
Crossfire 9 letters DS9 4x13
Accession 9 letters DS9 4x17
Rapture 7 letters DS9 5x10
Resurrection 12 letters DS9 6x08
Waltz 5 letters DS9 6x11
Inquisition 11 letters DS9 6x18
Valiant 7 letters DS9 6x22
Afterimage 10 letters DS9 7x03
Chrysalis 9 letters DS9 7x05
Covenant 8 letters DS9 7x09
Chimera 7 letters DS9 7x14
Penumbra 8 letters DS9 7x17
Caretaker 9 letters VOY 1x01
Parallax 8 letters VOY 1x03
Phage 5 letters VOY 1x05
Emanations 10 letters VOY 1x09
Cathexis 8 letters VOY 1x13
Faces 5 letters VOY 1x14
Jetrel 6 letters VOY 1x15
Initiations 11 letters VOY 2x02
Projections 11 letters VOY 2x03
Elogium 7 letters VOY 2x04
Twisted 7 letters VOY 2x06
Parturition 11 letters VOY 2x07
Tattoo 6 letters VOY 2x09
Maneuvers 9 letters VOY 2x11
Resistance 10 letters VOY 2x12
Prototype 9 letters VOY 2x13
Alliances 9 letters VOY 2x14
Threshold 9 letters VOY 2x15
Meld 4 letters VOY 2x16
Dreadnought 11 letters VOY 2x17
Lifesigns 9 letters VOY 2x19
Investigations 14 letters VOY 2x20
Deadlock 8 letters VOY 2x21
Innocence 9 letters VOY 2x22
Tuvix 5 letters VOY 2x24
Resolutions 11 letters VOY 2x25
Basics 6 letters VOY 2x26
Flashback 9 letters VOY 3x02
Remember 8 letters VOY 3x06
Warlord 7 letters VOY 3x10
Macrocosm 9 letters VOY 3x12
Coda 4 letters VOY 3x15
Unity 5 letters VOY 3x17
Darkling 8 letters VOY 3x18
Rise 4 letters VOY 3x19
Displaced 9 letters VOY 3x24
Scorpion 8 letters VOY 3x26
Nemesis 7 letters VOY 4x04
Revulsion 9 letters VOY 4x05
Hunters 7 letters VOY 4x15
Prey 4 letters VOY 4x16
Retrospect 10 letters VOY 4x17
Unforgettable 13 letters VOY 4x22
Demon 5 letters VOY 4x24
One 3 letters VOY 4x25
Night 5 letters VOY 5x01
Drone 5 letters VOY 5x02
Timeless 8 letters VOY 5x06
Counterpoint 12 letters VOY 5x10
Gravity 7 letters VOY 5x13
Bliss 5 letters VOY 5x14
Juggernaut 10 letters VOY 5x21
11:59 5 letters VOY 5x23
Relativity 10 letters VOY 5x24
Warhead 7 letters VOY 5x25
Equinox 7 letters VOY 5x26
Alice 5 letters VOY 6x05
Riddles 7 letters VOY 6x06
Pathfinder 10 letters VOY 6x10
Virtuoso 8 letters VOY 6x13
Memorial 8 letters VOY 6x14
Tsunkatse 9 letters VOY 6x15
Collective 10 letters VOY 6x16
Muse 4 letters VOY 6x22
Fury 4 letters VOY 6x23
Imperfection 12 letters VOY 7x02
Drive 5 letters VOY 7x03
Repression 10 letters VOY 7x04
Nightingale 11 letters VOY 7x08
Shattered 9 letters VOY 7x11
Lineage 7 letters VOY 7x12
Repentance 10 letters VOY 7x13
Prophecy 8 letters VOY 7x14
Workforce 9 letters VOY 7x16
Q2 2 letters VOY 7x19
Homestead 9 letters VOY 7x23
Endgame 7 letters VOY 7x25
Unexpected 10 letters ENT 1x05
Civilization 12 letters ENT 1x09
Fusion 6 letters ENT 1x17
Acquisition 11 letters ENT 1x19
Oasis 5 letters ENT 1x20
Detained 8 letters ENT 1x21
Shockwave 9 letters ENT 1x26
Minefield 9 letters ENT 2x03
Marauders 9 letters ENT 2x06
Singularity 11 letters ENT 2x09
Dawn 4 letters ENT 2x13
Stigma 6 letters ENT 2x14
Canamar 7 letters ENT 2x17
Judgment 8 letters ENT 2x19
Horizon 7 letters ENT 2x20
Cogenitor 9 letters ENT 2x22
Regeneration 12 letters ENT 2x23
Bounty 6 letters ENT 2x25
Anomaly 7 letters ENT 3x02
Extinction 10 letters ENT 3x03
Rajiin 6 letters ENT 3x04
Impulse 7 letters ENT 3x05
Exile 5 letters ENT 3x06
Twilight 8 letters ENT 3x08
Similitude 10 letters ENT 3x10
Stratagem 9 letters ENT 3x14
Harbinger 9 letters ENT 3x15
Hatchery 8 letters ENT 3x17
Damage 6 letters ENT 3x19
2 letters ENT 3x21
Countdown 9 letters ENT 3x23
Home 4 letters ENT 4x03
Borderland 10 letters ENT 4x04
Forge 5 letters ENT 4x07
Awakening 9 letters ENT 4x08
Kir’Shara 9 letters ENT 4x09
Daedalus 8 letters ENT 4x10
United 6 letters ENT 4x13
Affliction 10 letters ENT 4x15
Divergence 10 letters ENT 4x16
Bound 5 letters ENT 4x17
Demons 6 letters ENT 4x20

Longest episode titles

Unlike with the shortest episode title, I had a good idea what the longest one was. At least, I had two candidates, but without sitting down and counting, picking one would have been a guess. I can confirm they are the longest two, and I present them both since they are such outliers compared to the rest.

Title Length Series Episode
For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky 50 letters The Original Series 3x10
Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places 44 letters Deep Space Nine 5x03

And the longest per series:

Title Length Series Episode
For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky 50 letters The Original Series 3x10
How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth 34 letters The Animated Series 2x05
Where No One Has Gone Before 28 letters The Next Generation 1x06
Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places 44 letters Deep Space Nine 5x03
The Haunting of Deck Twelve 27 letters Voyager 6x25
Two Days and Two Nights 23 letters Enterprise 1x25

This brings us our first controversial result. I decided that ellipses should be treated as a single letter (if only for a sense of typographical superiority). In this case, treating it as three letters would produce a different result:

Title Length Series Episode
These Are the Voyages… 24 letters Enterprise 4x22

The titles so far have been longest by letter-count. Longest by word-count can also be determined. This gives identical results, except Voyager and the Animated Series now have ties:

Title Length Series Episode
For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky 11 words The Original Series 3x10
One of Our Planets is Missing 6 words The Animated Series 1x03
How Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth 6 words The Animated Series 2x05
Where No One Has Gone Before 6 words The Next Generation 1x06
Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places 8 words Deep Space Nine 5x03
The Q and the Grey 5 words Voyager 3x11
Someone to Watch Over Me 5 words Voyager 6x25
The Haunting of Deck Twelve 5 words Voyager 5x22
Two Days and Two Nights 5 words Enterprise 1x25