Sortable Discworld audiobook release date list

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New audio versions of all* of the Discworld books are being produced. I’ve made a few posts tracking the release dates. Since then I’ve updated the blog to support nice sortable tables.

So here are the the books listed on Audible as of 21st May, 2023 in a single table (now with primary narrator). All columns should be usefully sortable.

If you don’t already have an Audible membership, you can get a 30-day free trial (UK).

New Discworld audiobook release dates

Title Series Release date Narrator
Hogfather Death 20 2021-12-09 Sian Clifford
Equal Rites Witches 3 2022-04-28 Indira Varma
Wyrd Sisters Witches 6 2022-04-28 Indira Varma
Witches Abroad Witches 12 2022-04-28 Indira Varma
Lords and Ladies Witches 14 2022-04-28 Indira Varma
Maskerade Witches 18 2022-04-28 Indira Varma
Carpe Jugulum Witches 23 2022-04-28 Indira Varma
Small Gods Standalone 13 2022-04-28 Andy Serkis
The Colour of Magic Wizards 1 2022-07-07 Colin Morgan
The Light Fantastic Wizards 2 2022-07-07 Colin Morgan
Sourcery Wizards 5 2022-07-07 Colin Morgan
Eric Wizards 9 2022-07-07 Colin Morgan
Interesting Times Wizards 17 2022-07-07 Colin Morgan
The Last Continent Wizards 22 2022-07-07 Colin Morgan
Unseen Academicals Wizards 37 2022-07-07 Colin Morgan
The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Standalone 28 2022-10-06 Ariyon Bakare
Mort Death 4 2022-10-27 Sian Clifford
Reaper Man Death 11 2022-10-27 Sian Clifford
Soul Music Death 16 2022-10-27 Sian Clifford
Thief of Time Death 26 2022-10-27 Sian Clifford
Pyramids Standalone 7 2023-03-30 Alfred Enoch
The Truth Standalone 25 2023-02-23 Mathew Baynton
Monstrous Regiment Standalone 31 2023-02-23 Katherine Parkinson
Going Postal Moist von Lipwig 33 2023-02-23 Richard Coyle
Making Money Moist von Lipwig 36 2023-02-23 Richard Coyle
Raising Steam Moist von Lipwig 40 2023-02-23 Richard Coyle
Moving Pictures Standalone 10 2023-05-18 Jason Isaacs
Guards! Guards! The Watch 8 2023-05-25 Jon Culshaw
Men at Arms The Watch 15 2023-05-25 Jon Culshaw
Feet of Clay The Watch 19 2023-05-25 Jon Culshaw
Jingo The Watch 21 2023-05-25 Jon Culshaw
The Fifth Elephant The Watch 24 2023-05-25 Jon Culshaw
Night Watch The Watch 29 2023-05-25 Jon Culshaw
Thud! The Watch 34 2023-05-25 Jon Culshaw
Snuff The Watch 39 2023-05-25 Jon Culshaw
The Wee Free Men Tiffany Aching 30 2023-06-15 Indira Varma
A Hat Full of Sky Tiffany Aching 32 2023-06-15 Indira Varma
Wintersmith Tiffany Aching 35 2023-06-15 Indira Varma
I Shall Wear Midnight Tiffany Aching 38 2023-06-15 Indira Varma
The Sheperd's Crown Tiffany Aching 41 2023-06-15 Indira Varma

* There are 41 Discworld books. The website says “40 magnificent new recordings”. The one that seems to be missing is “The Last Hero”.