When is Boxing Day?

I should have a category for “odd things I’ve found out” perhaps. To all you non British people, this post may make little sense. When is Boxing Day? The popular answer is December 26th. Which is usually true. What most people don’t realise is that Boxing Day is a mobile holiday. Technically it occurs on the first weekday after Christmas Day. Boxing Day could conceivably fall on December 27th or 28th then. It gets better though. If a bank holiday falls on a non-working day (another holiday or a weekend) the next day becomes a bank holiday. This is why most people don’t realise Boxing Day moves, they think it’s just the bank holiday status that moves. But it also leads to a peculiar situation. If Christmas is on a Saturday or Sunday, the Monday afterwards is Boxing Day and therefore a bank holiday. The Tuesday is then also a bank holiday because of the lost holiday of Christmas Day - after Boxing Day. How strange. Christmas, Boxing Day, bank holidays