Playlists in Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player will only play .m3u playlists two levels deep… You can include a playlist inside another playlist and it copes fine. If you include a playlistsinside a playlist inside a playlist, the innermost one doesn’t get played. Why do I tell you this? I decided to try and create a Pimsleur-style CD for Finnish. But to save on effort and increase modularity everything is done in bits and joined together with .m3u files. Since Windows Media Player can’t cope with the nesting though, I had to write a PHP to dump them all in one file (I’m expecting to hit a limit on the amount of songs in a playlist soon). By the way a .m3u (playlist) is really complicated… it’s a list of URLs seperated by newlines… music, Pimsleur, Finnish, Windows Media Player, playlists, m3u