Make money from links people don’t click on

I found a site a while ago that was willing to pay for text links on your site. The wanted them not because they thought they’d get more direct traffic but because they’d get an increase in PageRank.

It’s quite a popular idea these days with a few sites offering text link brokering services. You pay them and they get several high PR sites to link to you. Doesn’t matter if the sites content don’t match, just that Google finds the link. I never had a site with a high enough PageRank until now to actually join. Now I do, I thought I’d give it a spin; I joined Text Link Brokers.

A quick search on Google revealed little information (lots of question on forums with no answers). There was one negative comment but it was apparently about one of the competitors instead that has a very similar name. Anyway a couple of days after signing up I was told I need to reduce the number of external links since they only allow 20 in total and want to be responsible for five of them (that’s why I now have a bit at the bottom of the page counting external links). After sorting that out they sent an email for the rates they are willing to pay. And they’re pretty good. Not marvelous but they don’t actually require people to click like Adsense ads do.

The one problem is I now have to wait for someone to actually buy links.