universal binaries

Quake 2 Coop

Oliver Brown
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After discovering a universal binary patch for Quake 2 (a friend has an Intel Mac), I’ve started playing it again. We had fun with deathmatch for a while and then figured we’d give coop a go. Since Quake 2 doesn’t have coop built in I had a look around for a mod. There were quite a few but unfortunately I couldn’t get any of them to work. It seemed they were all designed to work with version 3.1, but we were running 3.2 (and 3.21 - a fix of OpenGL support to make it work on Linux and the one the Mac patch was based on). The reason why was mind blowing. Apparently in their last update, id software actually added native coop support. Bring up the console and type “set coop 1” and voila, multiplayer single player gameplay (rolls nicely off the tongue eh?). Although Quake 2 was definitely not designed with coop in mind though. A lot of fighting in corridors where one person can’t fire for risk of blowing his partner(s) up. Although we certainly tried from time to time - occasionally with dire consequences. But fun nonetheless :) Oh yeah, one more thing. Make sure you change from the default skin as it looks just like one of the enemies…

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