Free broadband from TalkTalk

Oliver Brown
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TalkTalk (from the Carphone Warehouse) are offering “free” broadband.

The deal is you sign up to TalkTalk as your phone provider (£11 line rental a month - the same as BT), take out one of the call plans for 18 months (£9.99 a month which includes unlimited* local, national and international** calls) and pay a £29.99 setup fee. For this you get up to 8Mb broadband (very likely to be lower though) with a 40Gb download limit and an ADSL modem.

Total cost (for 18 months): £407.81, about £22.66 a month. Seems like a good deal. TalkTalk

* Calls must last less than 70 minutes. ** To a list of 28 countries including America, Australia and most of Europe.