Blazor custom elements

There is now a preview package for Blazor that allows creating custom elements.

Custom elements are part of the Web Components standards and are intended to be a way of defining tags that can be consumed in HTML and interoperate with each other.

The docs mostly focus on using them with Angular or React, but that isn’t why they are interesting to me.

The site for Tic-tac-toe Collection includes pages that show some information about specific game mode (for example four-player Tic-tac-toe misère rumble).

That content is rendered as a custom element (in this case <ttt-settings short-code="T_D4_S6x6_W3_T0_P0_M1_O1_F0"></ttt-settings>). Since the site is statically generated with no frontend framework, I wrote the element in vanilla JavaScript. Blazor support for custom elements means I could rewrite that component in C#.