More features for Extending SimpleXML

I’ve added two new public static function to [ExtendXML](/exml.txt). The first one is registerTagClass. This takes two arguments, the first is a tag name and the second is a class (that extends ExtendXML. This will make all children of that tag name become that class instead. The second is registerTagCallback. This takes one argument, a callback. That callback must take one argument, a tag name and must return the class (as a string) that those tags should become. If for example you were parsing HTML and you wanted all paragraph p tags to be handled by ParagraphXML, you could use: ExtendXML::registerTagClass('p', 'ParagraphXML'); A word of warning, it’s case sensitive. If a callback is registered this will be used regardless of any calls to registerTagClass. If you’ve never used callbacks before, they take one of three forms. Either a string that is the name of a function, an array with the first element a class name (as a string) and the second element a static method of that class (as a string) or finally, as an array with the first element an object and the second element a method of that object. EXML, ExtendXML, SimpleXML, XML, parsing XML, PHP5, callbacks, programming, coding, parsing HTML, OOP