A working Microformats extension to SimpleXML

I’ve completed a basic version of a class that (sort of) extends SimpleXML. When I say sort of I mean it extends a wrapper class (ExtendXML) that inlcludes all the functionality of SimpleXML. Download the following to try it out: MicroformatXML ExtendXML The object is created the same way as [ExtendXML](http://www.oliverbrown.me.uk/2005/09/03/extending-simplexml/). After creating it you must also call: // $mf is a MicroformatXML object $mf->mf_init(); This adds a new property, $mfHCards, which is an array of hCards. You can access the various hCard values as properties of these objects. As an example:``` $mf = MicroformatXML::create_from_file($xmlFile); $mf->mf_init(); foreach ($mf->mfHCards as $hCard) { print $hCard->fn .’
‘; }