Some baaaaad service from Pizza Hut

Oliver Brown
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Yesterday I was in London meeting a friend. We decided to go to Pizza Hut (the one on The Strand near Trafalgar Square. 45 minutes later we left not even having had our order taken. In hindsight I’m not even sure why we waited so long to be honest. There was a certain level comedy to it, after all once you’ve been waiting for half an hour there is part of you wanting to see just how long it could possibly take. There worst thing was that we weren’t the only ones. At least one of the group left (who hadn’t been waiting as long) and another was still that arrived about minute after us. We eventually decided to leave after reasoning that considering how much food had been brought through, even if we did order there’d be a ridiculous wait for the food. So we went down the road to Pizza Express and were served in two minutes.

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