Stargate story arcs

I now own most of Stargate SG-1 on DVD (everything up to series 7 so far). One of the reasons I wanted to buy it was to fill in the gaps on some of the episodes I missed. SG-1 features many multi-episode story arcs and missing one in the middle can be confusing. So just for reference for anyone who might be interested, here are some lists of episodes for some of the more important story arcs.

Some of the episodes are only debatably part of the story arc. For example “The Torment of Tantalus” is the first reference to the great alliance of which the Asgard were a part even though it has no mention of the Asgard themselves.


Series Episode Title
SG-1 1x09 Thor’s Hammer
SG-1 1x10 The Torment of Tantalus
SG-1 2x06 Thor’s Chariot
SG-1 2x15 The Fifth Race
SG-1 3x03 Fair Game
SG-1 3x22 Nemesis
SG-1 4x01 Small Victories
SG-1 5x05 Red Sky
SG-1 5x22 Revelations
SG-1 6x17 Disclosure
SG-1 6x11 Prometheus
SG-1 6x12 Unnatural Selection
SG-1 7x03 Fragile Balance


Series Episode Title
SG-1 2x02 In the Line of Duty
SG-1 2x11 The Tok’ra (Part 1)
SG-1 2x12 The Tok’ra (Part 2)
SG-1 3x12 Jolinar’s Memories (Part 1)
SG-1 3x13 Jolinar’s Memories (Part 2)
SG-1 4x03 Upgrades
SG-1 4x05 Divide and Conquer
SG-1 4x12 Tangent
SG-1 4x22 Exodus
SG-1 5x01 Enemies
SG-1 5x02 Threshold
SG-1 5x15 Summit
SG-1 5x16 Last Stand
SG-1 6x09 Allegiance

Apophis and Klorel

Series Episode Title
SG-1 1x01 Children of the Gods
SG-1 1x07 The Nox
SG-1 1x15 Cor-ai
SG-1 1x21 Politics
SG-1 2x01 Within the Serpent’s Grasp
SG-1 2x02 The Serpent’s Lair
SG-1 2x08 Family
SG-1 2x09 Secrets
SG-1 3x09 Rules of Engagement
SG-1 3x15 Pretense
SG-1 4x14 The Serpent’s Venom
SG-1 4x22 Exodus
SG-1 5x01 Enemies
SG-1 5x02 Threshold


Series Episode Title
SG-1 1x07 The Nox
SG-1 1x16 Enigma
SG-1 3x15 Pretense
SG-1 3x18 Shades of Grey