Language learning app is back on

The language learning app which I went on and on about a while ago is now under development again. When I say again I mean I started again in a completely different way (at least from a technical implementation point of view - the user experience is intended to be the same). You see I recently started a large project in C# at work (a desktop app by the way, not ASP.NET) after saying I was somewhat familiar with it and it should be easy to learn. The good news is after two days I realise it actually is really easy to learn, providing you let it do the work for you. (To any programmers intending to learn it, you’ll spend most of your time at first not actually writing code but finding whereabouts in the huge class library the functionality already exists is. Once you get used to it and get the hang of how it works it is surprisingly relaxing.) Despite all that I decided I still needed some practice in it so I came up with the idea of doing the language learning app as a fully fledged desktop application - although at work I’m using System.Windows.Forms I’m using Gtk# so it can hopefully run on Mono (and therefore Linux, Mac OS etc). The biggest problem I have is actually playing the audio. A quick search for “C# MP3” comes up with a solution based on MCI, some clever thing embedded in a Windows DLL that obviously won’t be cross platform. My workaround at the moment is just use an external program via the command line that I suppress the window of. If anybody knows of a better way that would work on .NET and Mono, let me know… Mono, C#, .NET, language learning, Linux, Gtk, winforms, MP3, dot net